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Multifunction workstation industrial rehab
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  • FCE's (Functional Capacity Evaluations): Extensive and thorough physical examination and dynamic testing to determine an individual's ability to physically qualify for a new job or return to an existing job after an injury.

  • Work Conditioning/Hardening: Exercise program focused on strength and endurance in a work and task specific environment of 2-4 hours per session designed to prepare the patient for returning to work.

  • Pre-Employment Screening: A physical screen and test of job demands test to pre-qualify a job candidate for a particular job.

  • Ergonomic Assessment/JDA Development: On-site job evaluation to develop safe sitting, standing, and lifting ergonomics to reduce facility injuries, inefficiencies, and downtime. Emphasis on getting patients back to work offering Functional Capacity evaluations, Work conditioning, ergonomic assessment/JDA development, and pre-employment screens.